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Anti-Badger Culling - see Badgers & TB

Operation Meles

Pursuing the Persecutors –
Aimed at Baiting, Poisoning, Wrecking & Snaring in the name of sport!

Intelligence leads the way

Operation Meles is an intelligence-led UK-wide police operation gathering evidence of badger persecution and targeting offenders. For the first time national statistics have been compiled by the National Wildlife Crime Unit (NWCU) and the Trust publicised the findings at five special meetings and press conferences nationwide.

Mervyn Anthony, the Badger Trust director who leads on persecution for England, said: "This new report reveals only the tip of the iceberg and we are appealing for the public as well as our own badger group members and supporters to record and report any evidence".

The national launch meetings were in Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast, Sheffield and the East Midlands. The formal launch in Sheffield was chaired by Mr Richard Crompton, the Association of Chief Police Officers lead officer on wildlife crime, who is Chief Constable of Lincolnshire. He also delivered the opening address.

Each meeting featured an illustrated presentation showing appalling injuries to animals, digging in progress, and the known extent of reported crime (available via the Trust office: 0845 828 7878).

Local end of international rackets

Animal crime is no longer a local pas­time. There is a further dimension to the persecution of animals. The perpetrators are frequently found to be involved in other kinds of serious criminality, sometimes on an international scale and involving the trade in body parts and traditional medicines.

Bringing bestiality to book

A prosecution is only as good as the evidence. To ensure that evidence of incidents is quickly, correctly and consistently recorded the Trust has produced and distributed booklets (below) with numbered pages. To be usable in court the notes must be timed and dated, and where possible signed by a witness. It is important that the record is made as soon as possible after the offence. Apart from helping directly with prosecutions details will be entered in the National Wildlife Crime Unit's database, which now has a section for crimes against badgers.